New Adventures in Mac OS X

Today is only my second day using Mac OS (v10.8), and I’m not yet convinced that it’s better than Windows/Linux – at least for programming. That said, I did something that I read couldn’t be done – I was able to install Perl/Tk for Mac OS X.

Granted it turns out once I figured it out it was pretty trivial to get it to work, but it wasn’t entirely obvious to this guy who hasn’t used a Mac since OSv7. That said, the steps are:

Now people might as me why would I want to use such an antiquated module on a Mac? First off, assuming all the proper modules are installed, any Perl/Tk script could be written to be platform-independent software. Plus I think writing a proper, self-contained, web-enabled script could be tricky, especially when it comes to keeping user workflows and application states all straightened out. (But that’s just my opinion.) Besides I want to see how Perl/Tk works.